Attitude Adjustment

Originally Posted: November 24, 2011

I have always known that life is as you believe it is. This for me, is a truism, and it occurred to me again today as I found myself getting depressed over my present job situation…I’m in between jobs. During the last two days of my job hunt I have found myself getting steadily more depressed because I’ve put out a lot of effort and have had two interviews, but no results.

To add to the misery, I checked my bank account balance and found a grand total of $15.00…and that has to do me for another week. This threw me even further into a depression. Then something occurred to me. I realized this afternoon that I had been focusing on the things i lack as opposed to the possibilities. I further realized that even just a shift in thought process can make all the difference in my outlook.

So, I thought about that $15.00 and I decided that rather than this being what is left in my bank account; this would, in fact, be the beginning of my financial growth. In other words, I would make $15.00 become $150.00, which would become $1500.00, which would then become $15,000.00, etc., etc., etc.

The upshot is, I think this is the mental boost I need to get me out of my depression and carry on with the task at hand. In the meantime, I can focus on my search for a good, steady income until it manifests into reality. Life is truly how you look at it.

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