Welcome to my world! You’ll find I have various interests, and am curious about the world around me.

Creatively, I express myself the best when I write and I’m a damn good story teller. But I also express myself through other media such as photography and acrylic paint on canvas.

C’mon in and explore who I am and what I’m about.


“Despite being a sequel, Ron Kearse’s JUST OUTSIDE OF HOPE can be read perfectly well on its own. It is a quick, sensitivity (sic) written and engaging read.”

“Kearse writes with sensitivity, making emotionally charged moments feel raw and palpable using spare prose to heighten the effect. He also employs real and important events to remind the reader of the time that the story is set in.”

Swati Nair for IndieReader.com

About Just Outside of Hope

Just Outside of Hope is the second novel in a trilogy, the sequel to Road Without End.

It moves through the early 1980s taking us from the Canadian Prairie Provinces to the pubs, bath houses and nude beaches of Vancouver, British Columbia. Like the first novel, this book is comprised of two different stories about the two main characters.

It is now September 1980 and ex-Lieutenant Jim Whitelaw is dealing with the guilt he feels from the fall out of a military tribunal, and lingering family issues which make things worse. But just as he feels he’s getting his life back together, cracks appear once more and he has to make some serious decisions.

Meanwhile, in a matter of a moment, Jim’s friend and sometimes lover Bert Gilhuis, finds himself trapped in a serious situation that eventually sees him set off on new adventures in Vancouver.

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